The One That Started It All

How a relaxed loungewear set ended up in the first Sewing Room seasonal kit

Two years ago I left the big smoke and moved to small rural town. A move like that always prompts the awkward pursuit of making new friends as an adult. I had my heart set on meeting some local sewists and I have to tell you I really lucked out! One of the first people I connected with is one of those social butterflies, always getting people together and generously inviting newcomers in. This social butterfly is now a great sewing friend and I admire how she is always so thoughtful with her sewing choices, making things she really needs for the season or that season in her life.

When thinking about launching the Sewing Club seasonal kits, I was inspired to make sure that each item was truly wearable for any sewist and not just for special occasions. I wanted each garment to be something that would quickly become a go-to staple item in that sewist’s wardrobe. Sometimes that might be a classic outerwear piece, a perfect pair or jeans or maybe even a chic loungewear set.

For this first release we are starting with the ground up. It’s a suit for sewing in! A stylish and trans-seasonal outfit that can be worn separately (see me in my new me-made jeans and Wren Fleece below heading out for a coffee) or go full coordinating lounge set and Chuck Taylors to stay cosy and comfortable for a serious sewing session.

Can’t wait to show you what’s coming, very soon, for Winter..

Check out more pics and makes on Instagram by following the hashtag #joanssewingclub or check back here to see the next instalment.

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