Maxine’s Autumn Kit

Maxine's Autumn Kit


The first release of Joan’s Sewing Club features two pattern by Daughter Judy; The Wren Fleece and Post Pant. Super sewist Maxine tried out the set and here’s what she had to say about the experience…

Post Pant

A fitted, pull on pant with a high rise and elasticated waist band. The back seams added to the overall fit and shaping. These pant are an elevated lounge pant that will work for different body shapes.

To be honest this is not a pattern I would of gone for as I wasn’t sure it was my style and would look good on my shorter, rounder body type. I could not of been more wrong as I’m delighted with the finished garment. I made a size 16 and graded out to a 18 at the waist. This was following my size and I looked at the finished garment measurements.

I took 6cm out of the length at the lengthen and shorting line of the leg pieces, remembering to shorten all three leg pattern pieces. ( Made that mistake in the past).

I must say the pattern and fabric match is perfect. The cotton fleece is 100% gorgeous, very soft, warm and buttery to the touch. I chose black for the Post Pants.

The instructions were comprehensive and detailed. I’m a visual learner so appreciated the clear diagrams. The pattern goes together easily and the notches and markings are important. Not a step to skip. The iron is my friend when sewing and I pressed the seams as indicated. It gives a much more professional finish.

I set up my sewing machine and overlocker with new ball point needles and black thread. When I did my test sews the fabric reacted perfectly and was easy to sew.

I did add patch pockets to the from of the pant because I need pockets. I attached them at the side and top seam. I used a strip of interfacing along the edge, cut on the bias so it would give stability, but still have a bit of give. Patch pocket or inseam pockets both would work if pockets are your thing!

I sewed the seams with the overlocker, apart from the back seam ending in the vent, and I used my sewing machine stretch stitch for this.  The back vent was easy to create. For the hem I used a twin needle as this is my preferred method, I looks tidy and has some give.

There will be more of the Post Pant in my wardrobe. 

Wren Fleece

This was a fun make and had me scratching my head a few times till it all came together.

The Wren has an unusual construction with  a large shoulder yolk. When sewing it seamed huge and wrong, but I followed the instructions and process and it came together beautifully.  My biggest hint on this make is be sure to add all the single and double notches when cutting out. You are going to need every one of them.

When I cut out the pieces I made sure to have all the pattern pieces facing the same direction, that’s the way I was taught many years ago. The fleece in Lucy’s kit looked like it could be used in either direction but sometimes the can be a slight difference in the colour tone which is not apparent until the garment is sewn. 

Rather than cut on the middle fold for the yoke, back and front pieces I only folded the fabric to the width I needed which left a much more useable left over piece. The sleeves needed the full width.

I chose the pink for the Wren Fleece and like the black it’s 100% gorgeous.

I followed each step of the pattern and the only alteration I made was to add a band at the hem. I cut 14 cm wide strips from the left over fabric and made them 6 cm shorter than the width of the top. I wanted a little extra length and the band brought the garment in a bit giving some shaping which suits me better.


I used the twin needle to do the top stitching and it worked well, giving a clean finish and holding the seams in place. I did use my walking foot for this as I find it really prevents the top layer moving more than the bottom when stitching.

I made a size 16 but because of the style could go down or up a couple of sizes, depending on the look you want to achieve.  

There was plenty of fabric in the kit and lovely to have the perfect colour thread. I had enough fabric to create the additional band at the hem.

Again, this was not a pattern I would of reached for but am happy with the results, thank you Lucy for taking me out of my comfort zone with both patterns.

Thank you to the lovely Lucy at Joan's Fine Fabrics for choosing me to test out these patterns. 
It was such a pleasure and I enjoyed trying a designer new to me.
Maxine Dunn

Check out more pics and makes on Instagram by following the hashtag #joanssewingclub or check back here to see the next instalment.

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