The Orton Bag by Merchant & Mills

A marvellous oversized tote bag with variations to make it in ‘self’ so same fabric body as handles, with webbing handles or leather handles. There are separate files, depending on whether you want to make the bag lined or unlined.

Merchant & Mills have a video you can watch for extra help! Click here. Or you can view the video on our IGTV page on Instagram.


Finished Measurements:

Length 55cm. Width 62cm.

Available in the following formats:

  • PDF: Includes instructions, A4 tiled print at home, and A0 files
  • PDF + A0 Printing: Includes the PDF file as above and A0 printing


Beginner. Very easy.

Fabric Recommendations

Oilskin, Dry Oilskin, Linen, Mid-Heavy weight Cottons, Mid weight Denim (8-14oz).

Fabric Requirements:

Bag with Self Handles (view 1)

80cm wide, without nap 1.5m

130cm wide, without nap 0.90m

150cm wide, without nap 0.8m

Bag with Webbing or Leather Handles (view 2 + 3)

80cm wide, without nap 1.5m 1.45m

130 – 150cm wide, without nap 0.8m

1.4m x 22mm wide leather strap (view 3)

Rivets (view 3) x 8

Webbing (view 2) 3.5m


  • Matching thread
  • View 2: Webbing x 3.5m
  • View 3: 22mm wide Leather Strap x 1.4m
  • View 3: Rivets x 8.
  • Lining (all views):
    • 80cm wide, without nap 1m
    • 130 – 150cm wide, without nap 0.5m


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