The Fielder by Merchant & Mills

The Fielder dress and top is based on a traditional sweatshirt, featuring three quarter length raglan sleeves and inseam side pockets. Imagined in our various laundered linens with a matching cotton rib.


Available in two size options:

UK Size 6-18
UK Size 18-28

In the following formats:

  • PDF: Includes instructions, A4 tiled print at home, and A0 files
  • PDF + A0 Printing: Includes the PDF file as above and A0 printing


Advanced Beginner.

Fabric Recommendations

185 linen, linen wool blend, yarn dyed linen, tencel/linen, soft cotton, needlecord, hemp/cotton blends, jacquard cotton, 5oz denim, light flannel or crepe.


  • Matching thread
  • Stay tape – 20-30cm approx 5mm wide.
  • Pocket bags can be cut in self or lining fabric.
  • Tubular ribbing: Dress all sizes – 0.25m. Top sizes 6 – 14 – 0.40m. Top sizes 16 – 18 – 0.45m OR
  • Ribbing strips from Merchant and Mills. As these are cut lengths you need to buy the right quantity depending on your size and whether you are making the top or dress. We have made this table to show what you’ll need:
  • Top Dress
    Size 6 2 1
    Size 8 2 1
    Size 10 2 1
    Size 12 3 1
    Size 14 3 2
    Size 16 3 2
    Size 18 3 2


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