Potters Jacket by Modern Sewing Co.

This jacket is the ultimate versatile piece which works well all year round. Make it in everything from wools & wax cottons to unlined versions in heavy linens and cottons.


This is a neat fit with full length sleeves and straight body shape. If you’re sewing this piece in wool you might consider a size up to allow for bulky winter layering (optional suggestion, please check the sizing chart before cutting).

Available sizes: 

UK 6-20

In the following formats:
  • PDF: Includes instructions, A4 tiled print at home, US letter tiled print at home and A0 files
  • PDF + A0 Printing: Includes the PDF file as above and A0 printing


Intermediate (you’ll need extra focus for the welt pockets).


This piece works in a huge range of fabrics, from wools and wax cottons to heavy cottons & linens. You can always leave summer variations of this jacket unlined.

Fabric requirements:

Fabric width 150cm | Sizes 6 – 12 = 150cm | Sizes 14 – 20 = 200cm

Fabric width 110cm | Sizes 6 – 12 = 225cm | Sizes 14 – 20 = 265cm

Lining width 150cm | Sizes 6 – 12 = 135cm | Sizes 14 – 20 = 135cm

Lining width 110cm | Sizes 6 – 12 = 155cm | Sizes 14 – 20 = 185cm


  • Matching thread
  • 5 x 25-30mm buttons
  • 40cm of good quality fusing (if you’re choosing to make in wool you might like to piece fuse both front pieces – for this you’ll need 1m of good quality woven fusing)


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