French Smock by Modern Sewing Co.

The French Smock is a casual classic that comes with a huge range of design options which include: a button up placket OR zip fastening, different bib shapes, an optional trim for the curved bib, optional patch pockets, 2 different lengths and options for thick or thin fabrics for the cuff, sleeve placket and neck binding (thin fabrics can use the smaller pattern pieces, thicker fabrics will want to use the wider pattern pieces.

With this pattern you’ll be able to create your own truly unique garment by selecting your favourite features and making something that’s personal to you.


Available sizes: 

UK 4-28

In the following formats:
  • PDF: Includes instructions, A4 tiled print at home, US letter tiled print at home and A0 files
  • PDF + A0 Printing: Includes the PDF file as above and A0 printing




Linen, poplin, lawn, lightweight denim and twill for a ‘blouse’ version. For a heavier ‘outdoor layer’ version you can use corduroy, denim, wool suit or a lightweight wool felt.

Fabric requirements:

Fabric width 150cm | Sizes 4 – 16 = 150cm | Sizes 18 – 28 = 180cm

Fabric width 110cm | Sizes 4 – 16 = 200cm | Sizes 18 – 28 = 245cm


  • Matching and/or contrast thread
  • 5 x 15-25mm buttons OR 2 x 15-25mm buttons & 16-18cm zip
  • 40cm of good quality fusible interfacing


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