Floral Fest Crisp Cobalt Collection Fine Cotton Poplin

Poplin is a plain weave fabric structured to provide lightness and durability. The Warp (lengthwise) and weft (crosswise) threads interlace alternately, with one thread going over and under creating a grid-like pattern which results in a tight and even weave. A high thread-count and very even weave means poplin typically has minimal stretch and crisp feel. Our lightweight poplin has a soft, smooth texture, making it an ideal choice for clothing items like shirts, blouses, dresses, and pyjamas.


Composition: 100% Cotton
Fabric width: 150cm
Weight: 110gsm
Country of origin: China

Design Credit: Nerida Hansen

Care instructions

Wash at 30 degrees using a non-bio detergent. Line dry.

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$29.00 per metre

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