Bellbird Wrap Dress + Top by Common Stitch

Sew your own Bellbird Wrap Dress or Wrap Top with our dual paper sewing pattern!
The Bellbird linen Wrap Dress + Top are simple everyday staples and perfect additions to your wardrobe. Perfectly paired with the Bellbird Shorts!

With your purchase you will receive a both the dress + top sewing pattern, along with step by step instructions, making it super easy to make your own garments!


Available sizes: 

AU 6-12

In the following formats:
  • Paper: Traditional paper pattern in an envelope




Woven fabrics such as cotton or linen.

Fabric requirements:

6 (Dress = 2m) (Top = 1.6m)
8 (Dress = 2m) (Top = 1.6m)
10 (Dress = 2.2m) (Top = 1.8m)
12 (Dress = 2.2m) (Top = 1.8m)


  • Matching thread

Handy resources

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